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Afbeelding voor QESH AWARD 2020 won by Emons Cargo 2WIN

At its annual Carrier Connection Event, logistics service provider CEVA Ground & Rail Benelux announced Emons Cargo 2WIN as QESH Award winner of 2020. The award is in honour of Emons’ policies regarding quality, environment, health and safety (QESH) and of course corporate & social responsibility. Daan Emons, CEO of the Emons Group, was proud to receive the award from Hans van Os (Carrier Procurement & Relations Manager) and Noud Nooijen (Carrier Manager at CEVA).

CEVA Logistics is a leading company in designing and implementing integrated end to end supply chain services and solutions in multiple sectors. Offering distinguishable and innovative freight solutions throughout their carrier base is key to keeping ahead of the competition. Emons Cargo 2WIN is known as Europe’s largest multi-customer double deck transport network for full truck shipments of loads of between 130–180cm high. A 2WIN trailer can load up to 64% extra volume per trip and produces 40% less environmental pollution.

Cost-leadership, sustainability and innovation

“Our relationship with CEVA Logistics is special. Over the years the advantages of 2WIN on cost-leadership, sustainability and innovation have become more and more recognised. The outcome of this nomination is a fantastic honour and tells that our route on QESH delivers great benefits in being the best alternative within the CEVA Logistics’ carrier base. Emons Cargo has the required capacity!”

Stijn van den Bogart, Sales & Marketing Manager at Emons Cargo 2WIN

2WIN contributes to CO2 savings

“The Emons 2WIN concept contributes to vast CO2 savings, not only due to an increased payload but also through the innovative designs of various types of trailers. Innovation is in the DNA of Emons, for example, installing solar panels on their trailers and the use of LNG to fuel their trucks. Emons’ head office is also completely carbon neutral. Emons are constantly thinking about efficient solutions in a very customer-oriented way. It is therefore only logical that they have been chosen as the CEVA BENELUX Ground & Rail QESH Award winner for 2020.”

Noud Nooijen, Carrier Manager at CEVA Logistics

It’s the second Award for Emons Cargo 2WIN in a short period of time. Recently, food manufacturer DE-VAU-GE rewarded Emons Cargo 2WIN with a “Best Supplier of 2020 Award” and extended its transport contract with Emons Cargo for the next three years.

If you are looking for improvement in your supply chain with cost-effective, innovative, sustainable contact – contact us now! No doubt you are wondering how 2WIN can help your corporate sustainability or if it is a safe and reliable solution to use. That’s why we have created aSustainability whitepaperand Risk analysis to download for free.

stijn van den bogart
“Your business deserves the best freight” – Stijn van den Bogart

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