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Afbeelding voor 2WIN awarded 2020 Trailer innovation

Emons Cargo 2WIN excels at the Trailer Innovation Awards 2021 with Solar Initiative 

Emons Cargo|2WIN partnered with IM Efficiency to install solar panels on the rooftops of our 2WIN double decker trailers. The idea behind this is to generate clean energy, improve energy utilization and contribute towards a great trailer innovation and the core vision of sustainability at the Emons Group. 

The solar panels on the trailers generate clean energy to help to meet the energy requirements of our 2WIN trailers in a sustainable way. The energy management system is designed to promote efficiency and helps to avoid the unnecessary idling of the powerful 2WIN engines. As the end goal, we can provide an even more reliable and clean service. 

Our initiative with IM Efficiency to harness solar power for trailers was awarded the 2nd place at the Trailer Innovation Awards 2021 in the category ‘Environment’. 

Solar panel on transportation
Solar panels are placed on top of the 2WIN trailers to achieve more sustainable transportation

The challenge 

Over the years, engines have become more efficient and cleaner overall, but long-distance trailers have different energy requirements, especially in the cabin. For transport, the stationary hours are quite high and even exceed the hours on the road. This means our drivers spend a lot of time inside the cabin and need the power to charge a laptop, run a microwave, a refrigerator and an air-conditioning. In addition, every trailer with so many kilometres on the road uses large amounts of electricity from the accumulator. The technology on these accumulators is way behind our technology.  

  • The energy requirements inside the cabin are high for long journeys. 
  • Electric power in trailers is very expensive and polluting 
  • Drivers will have to idle the engine, which is neither efficient nor sustainable considering the 500hp engine under the hood.  
  • Replacing or charging accumulators is time-consuming and might lead to service delays 

The vision 

This initiative is part of the Emons Group’s vision to promote sustainability in the logistics sector, which is energy need intensive. This vision has been one of the key driving forces behind innovative projects throughout the Group. Customers also relate to the vision and demand innovative solutions to improve the cost price and lower CO2 emissions per transport unit. 

It is also aligned with the Dutch government’s vision to have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We are committed to supporting this vision of sustainability that the world must eventually move towards. Several initiatives have already been implemented, like the extensive solar panel network at the Emons HQ in Milsbeek (NL). 

The concept 

Solar panels on the rooftop facilitate the best exposure to sunlight and do not compromise the warranty of the trailer through the non-invasive nature of the installation. The energy management system is designed to promote efficiency. 

Afbeelding voor 2WIN Double Deck

2WIN Double Deck

Transport Specialist

Unlock value through cost leadership, improved capacity utilization and improved sustainability

The benefits 

  • Reduce emissions by eliminating the need for unnecessary idling of the engine,
  • Improve the efficiency of energy consumption as our double-decker trailers and glass inloaders use advanced hydraulic systems which can draw power generated from the solar panels,
  • Improved trailer battery life through intelligent charging mechanisms and reducing the need to draw power from it,
  • Non-invasive installation, compact and lightweight design does not affect the warranty of the trailer,
  • Intelligent cloud communication can monitor the performance of the system and allow the collection of data for sustainability initiatives,
  • Providing efficient energy will empower drivers through improved connectivity and has a positive impact on the quality of their journey.

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The future 

There is a lot of interest in this domain and it drives Research & Development. Like solar cells, charging systems and batteries become more efficient and cheaper, the return on investment looks very promising. A transition to a more dynamic energy network is taking place with a lot of flexibility in terms of demand and supply. It is possible that soon, our trailers could generate solar power and supply the grid when they are parked. Like a solar farm on wheels! Stay updated with our social media or news for more sustainable developments and exciting projects!

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