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Afbeelding voor Emons Keeps Investing in Sustainability: Volvo Trucks Running on Bio-LNG Join the Fleet

Here at Emons, we are excited to announce our latest step toward a greener future in transportation. With the purchase of fifty new Volvo FH trucks running on Bio-LNG, we are taking one more step in significantly reducing CO2 emissions from our transport activities.

Our CEO Daan Emons emphasizes our commitment: “We want to make further sustainability strides as soon as possible, on a large scale and also on our long-haul fleet. With Bio-LNG, this can be done immediately and also on good business terms. For us, this is the perfect way to save a lot of CO2 emissions in the short term.”

Trust in Volvo

The decision to choose these particular trucks was driven by trust. “The proven reliability of Volvo combined with price and fuel consumption were decisive,” explains Daan Emons. “In addition, we have a similar sustainability policy and a good relationship with our Volvo Trucks dealer BAS Truck Center.”

The Volvo FH Bio-LNG tractors selected for joining Emons’ fleet are equipped with the largest tank capacity of 225 kg and a new, even more fuel-efficient engine. The advanced technology of the new engine boasts the same improvements as its diesel counterpart ensuring extremely low fuel consumption.

CO2 Class 3

Emons operates across multiple European countries and the availability of Bio-LNG and the Maut benefits in Germany make it an ideal choice. For example, the trucks will be deployed on trips in and through Germany, which has a well-established network of Bio-LNG refuelling facilities.

Furthermore, these trucks fall well within the CO2 class 3, leading to favourable rates at the German Maut, and soon in other European countries as well.

Sustainable Vision

“A logistics service provider nowadays only has a right to exist if added value is provided to customers,” says Daan Emons. “This goes far beyond offering the cheapest price per pallet. The environmental aspect – the lowest possible CO2 emissions per transport unit – is also increasingly important.”

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our fleet expansion plans. We will soon have 120 Bio-LNG trucks in operation. “These trucks are not inferior to a diesel-powered truck. Their performance is at a comparable level in terms of tractive power,” states Daan Emons.

The Sustainable Journey Continues

The Volvo FH 4x2 Globetrotter trucks with 460 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque will be customized according to Emons standard specifications, prioritizing the well-being of the drivers. These trucks will not only help us achieve our sustainability goals but also ensure the safety and comfortof our drivers.

The order of 50 Volvo Bio-LNG trucks will be taken in batches, starting with the delivery of the first 15 units this March. Here at Emons, we are excited about the positive impact these trucks will have on our operations and the environment, and we look forward to continuing our journey toward a greener future in logistics.