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2win trailer

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As a freight forwarder, you are considered ‘the Architect of Transport’. Your clients want you to know everything about transport regulations, roads, risk management, sustainability, and every other aspect of the shipment industry. In addition, they expect you to have a good network of reliable carrier suppliers’ partners.

You are required to decide the best transport service for your customers’ products through railroads, ships, airplanes, and trailers. When a road truck is needed, you can rely on Emons Cargo 2WIN.

Our fleet

Our family company, already in logistics for more than 80 years, is a well-known name in the freight industry. Our services have already helped improve more than one supply chain and our agility and resilience mark us as the perfect carrier partner in these ever-changing and uncertain times.

With our focus on constant innovation, technology, digitization, and sustainability we can easily respond to challenging situations like the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the Brexit new regulations, or the carbon reduction plans like Net Zero.

We understand you

We understand that an unconventional logistic freight provider can be seen as a risky choice. Our 2WIN solution, however, is already a proven concept for large companies like Amazon, Action, bpost, and Rossman.

Don’t forget what the old proverb says: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained!’

With our 2WIN freight solution, you will be able to save time and costs while improving your company’s performance and carbon footprint. Our committed team of experts will help to optimize and integrate our solution into your supply chain and show you all its advantages.

Our services
freight that understand your needs

Our added value

By moving up to 54 euro pallets, 40 industrial pallets or 92 roll containers per trip, 2 of our 2WIN-trailers will replace 3 standard conventional trailers.


In practice this could lead to significant cost savings and up to:


  • 64% more loading unit movement per trip
  • 39% less truck needed
  • 40% less environmental pollution
  • 100% dedicated operational management team

How 2WIN

The most benefits you’ll gain if you ship:


  • High volumes and frequency
  • Palletized full truckloads or roll-containers
  • Pallet height between 1.30 – 1.80 meters
  • Lanes with high route cost like tolls and CO2-tax
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