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Right Logistics

The business of logistics has been defined as “having the right item in the right quantity, at the right time and the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer”. All these things that must be right are a Logistics Manager responsibility.

As a Logistics Manager, you know fully well that transport is essential to the right functioning of the supply chain. Among your many tasks, there is the outsourcing of transport operations. Of course, the freight service provider you entrust must be cost-effective and reliable in order to establish a stable and advantageous partnership.

Emons Cargo is exactly so: cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable.

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Beyond the standards

What does it take to set a freight carrier beyond standards? Just a few things. Reliability, transparency, high attention to safety, and commitment to technological improvement among others.

To all this, Emons Cargo adds its particular ability to make and keep connections through open communication, the agility to adapt to different situations and overcome challenges, and an alternative transport solution with the best cost per pallet and 40% CO2 emissions savings per trip.

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Alternative 2WIN

A 2WIN is an alternative double-deck trailer with a loading capacity of 54 euro pallets (40 industrial pallets) that, by increasing the payload per trip, helps to lower the price per pallet and improve the carbon footprint at the same time.

The safety of the cargo is ensured at all times during transport because the 2WIN is a hard box trailer locked and secured with a seal.

Safety First

Safety for employees and cargo is a top priority at Emons Cargo.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals carefully trained to comply with Health and Safety procedures. Any additional regulation specific to each of our customers’ and partners’ premises is promptly introduced in our driver training program.

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2WIN Integration

In the last few years, Emons Cargo gained much experience in implementing new customers. We work according to a fixed structure and with a team of implementation specialists dedicated to making the switch as smooth and comfortable as possible.

We Understand your Doubts

We know that changing freight provider can feel like a risky choice. It is a decision that implies investing time and effort to evaluate the pros and cons and calculate the impact on the supply chain and the company’s bottom line.

The 2WIN solution has been devised and created with in mind the goal of offering the best possible price per pallet and lowering CO2 emissions.


There’s nothing like seeing something with your own eyes.

Emons Cargo offers a free 2WIN Roadshow to present the benefits of our service. If you want to experience first-hand the level of our quality, adherence to Health & Safety regulations, and our ability to solve issues, book a 2WIN Roadshow and prepare to be amazed!

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