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Holistic approach

As a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) Manager, you look at every aspect of the supply chain as a whole. Conformity of the production to high quality and safety standards, compliance with regulations, a healthy and safe working environment, and ecological matters must all be considered and work together like a well-oiled machine. When choosing a freight carrier, you will apply the same criteria.

At Emons Cargo 2WIN, we work with principles of quality, safety, health, and environment as high as you could wish for your own business.

Our fleet

Beyond the standards

Delivering the highest possible quality is in our nature. When it comes to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment our goal is to deliver a service that goes beyond normal standards. All operations within our own supply chain are carefully monitored. We conduct risk analyses every year and are regularly subjected to both internal and external audits.

Emons Cargo offers a non-standard transport solution that can satisfy a QHSE Manager’s highest standards.

Dirk working with the tail-lift

Safety First

Safety for employees and cargo is a top priority at Emons Cargo.

Our drivers are the only ones allowed into our trailers to maneuver tail lift and EPT for the operations of loading and unloading.

They are highly skilled professionals carefully trained to comply with Health & Safety measures.

Any additional Health & Safety regulations specific to each customer’s premises are promptly introduced in our driver training program.

We take H&S as seriously as you can wish!

Intensive Training

All Emons Cargo drivers undergo periodical and extensive training on safety regulations both general and customer-specific.

Drivers also have access to a dedicated continuous learning platform where they follow several courses.

The topics of these courses range from technical manuals and efficient driving to health and safety measures and English courses for drivers.

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Cargo Handling and Safety

Pallets in a 2WIN double deck are loaded according to precise weight distribution and with extreme care.

Once loaded, the cargo is carefully secured to minimize possible damages during transport.

2WIN double decks are hard box trailers always secured with locks and seals that are only removed at the destination to ensure the safety of the goods.

We Understand your Doubts

We know that changing freight provider can feel like a risky choice. It is a fact that such a decision implies investing time and effort to evaluate benefits, all QHSE standards, and implementation within the supply chain. Just keep in mind the advantages.

The 2WIN solution has been devised and created to offer cost-efficiency, lower your transport environmental impact, and meet all your quality standards expectations. A team of experts will follow you in every single step to optimize and integrate our 2WIN service into your supply chain.


There’s nothing like seeing something with your own eyes.

Emons Cargo offers a free 2WIN Roadshow to present all the benefits of our service. If you want to experience first-hand the level of our quality and adherence to Health & Safety regulations, book a 2WIN Roadshow and prepare to be amazed!

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