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Holistic approach

As a QHSE Manager (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager) your focus on quality transport and supporting business processes while ensuring compliance with regulations, performance and quality standards. At Emons Cargo 2WIN we act definitely not standard. That’s why we attach so much value to QHSE. It’s in the DNA of the organization and part of our strategic roadmap.

Our services

Right from the designing phase of the supply chain, a team of QHSE-specialists is aligned to keep eye on all processes and regulations. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV and our processes are subject to regular audits of both internal and external nature

Beyond the normal standards

With Emons Cargo 2WIN you deal with a family company that not only has a strong focus on operational excellence but is also receptive to your “what if scenario’s” like auditing of certificates and detailed risk analyzes. We are the quality transport company that each QHSE Manager needs!

We understand you

When you consider the 2WIN solution, there is a misconception that it could be hick-up in your QHSE goals. It’s already an extensively tested solution by big European companies like Amazon, Action, Die Post and Delhaize.  

We realize that working with a non-conventional freight company can be seen as a risk. Emons Cargo 2WIN is well certified, conduct risk analyses every year, and our multi-disciplinary team of experts guide you towards a customized solution that meets your business goals.   


What is your value?

By moving up to 54 euro pallets, 40 industrial pallets or 92 roll containers per trip, 2 of our 2WIN-trailers will replace 3 standard conventional trailers.


In practice this could lead to significant cost savings and up to:


  • 64% more loading unit movement per trip;
  • 39% less truck needed;
  • 40% less environmental pollution;
  • 100% dedicated operational management team.

When 2WIN?

Most likely you will gain the optimal benefit when you ship out:


  • High- and frequently ambient or thermo shipments;
  • Palletized full truck loads or roll-containers;
  • Pallet height between 1.30 meters and maximum 1.80 meters;
  • Lanes with high route costs like maut, tol and Co2-tax.
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