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Constructive approach

As a supply chain manager, you are involved in many business matters like employees, production sales and finance. Not only your internal departments should be aligned, but also your external freight solutions must run smooth and contribute to your business goals. Our fleet suited exactly for your needs.

Our fleet

At Emons Cargo 2WIN we have noticed that logistics service providers often fall behind when there is an opportunity to really make a change in the supply chain. They have no intrinsic motivation, lack the knowledge to optimize or have no access to technology and data resources to break from the norm.

Partnering with a European freight company that share your (digital) transformation vision or more importantly, make a constructive contribution to cost leadership, sustainability, service and innovation, is in our opinion key to the success of processes Supply Chain Manager.

Beyond the normal standards

It’s very likely that we can comply with the earlier mentioned arguments. But the contemporary question is how we, as a business partner, deal with your “what if scenario’s” like; the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the Brexit.

Ultimately, we aim for an alternative 2WIN. We don’t shy away from complex business issues and prefer a different approach. Ever since the start of our family business, more then 75 years ago, it’s in our DNA to deliver a logistic dream where endless innovation, optimization and sustainability are at its core.

We understand clearly that rapid technology developments, constantly changing circumstances and volatile market conditions, means we have to adapt while adding value. We are ready to invest and negotiate with an open mind to achieve a win-win relationship.

We understand you

When you are moving cargo by ground and considering the 2WIN solutionthere is a misconception that it could be hick-up in your supply chain. It’s already a proven concept by big European companies like Amazon, Action, bpost and Rossman.    
Of coursewe understand that changing to a non-conventional logistic freight provider can be a risk. Therefore, our committed experts will work closely with you on releasing all possible concerns and smoothly integrate our customized solution into your business. 

Our services
freight that understand your needs

What is your value?

By moving up to 54 euro pallets, 40 industrial pallets or 92 roll containers per trip, 2 of our 2WIN trailers will replace 3 standard conventional trailers. In practice this could lead to significant cost savings and up to:


  • 64% more loading unit movement per trip
  • 39% less truck needed
  • 40% less environmental pollution
  • 100% dedicated operational management team

When 2WIN?

Most likely you will gain the optimal benefit when you ship out:


  • High- and frequently ambient or thermo shipments
  • Palletized full truck loads or roll-containers
  • Pallet height between 1.30 meters and maximum of 1.80 meters
  • Lanes with high route costs like maut, tol and CO2-tax
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