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Constructive approach

We know how demanding your job as a Supply Chain Manager is. You need to organise and supervise every moment of your company’s supply chain. In some cases, you need to outsource part of the operations to reliable partners.

As transportation is one of the pillars of the supply chain, characteristics like reliability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness in a logistics freight partner are of the utmost importance.

Our fleet of 2WIN trailers perfectly matches these qualities.

Our fleet

Beyond the Standards

Delivering excellent service at the best price per pallet is what we do best.

Emons Cargo alternative solution 2WIN, with high volume capacity, 40% less CO2 emissions, and the ability to adapt to different needs and circumstances, goes way beyond normal standards.

A partnership with an organization committed to innovation, a data-driven approach, cost-effectiveness, and transparency is exactly what a Supply Chain Manager needs.

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Alternative 2WIN

Open and efficient communication with your business partners is sometimes hard to obtain. At Emons Cargo, we strive for transparency. We believe that keeping an open and clear communication channel with our customers and partners is the only right way to do business.

Safety First

Safety for employees and cargo is a top priority at Emons Cargo. Complying with regulations is a must, from weight distribution in our trailers to strict observance of health and safety rules and procedures.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals carefully trained to handle loading and unloading operations with care and efficiency. Any additional regulation or policy specific to each of our customers’ and partners’ premises is promptly introduced in our driver training program.


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2WIN Integration

In the last few years, Emons Cargo gained much experience in implementing new customers. We work according to a fixed structure and with a team of implementation specialists dedicated to making the switch as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our team of experts is ready to follow you in every single step to optimize and integrate our 2WIN service into your supply chain.

We Understand your Doubts

We know that changing freight provider can feel like a risky choice. It is a decision that implies investing time and effort to evaluate benefits and risks and calculate the impact on the supply chain and the company’s bottom line.

The 2WIN solution has been devised and created to offer cost-efficiency, lower your transport environmental impact, and meet all quality standard requirements.


There’s nothing like seeing something with your own eyes.

Emons Cargo offers a free 2WIN Roadshow to present the benefits of our service. If you want to experience first-hand the level of our quality, adherence to Health & Safety regulations, and our ability to solve issues, book a 2WIN Roadshow and prepare to be amazed!

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