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As a Warehouse Manager, your responsibilities vary from ensuring the best possible space optimization to the smooth movement of goods within the warehouse and outbound shipments. A strong focus on ensuring a safe and healthy working environment is also of critical importance. Dealing with transport companies takes a significant share of your time. Characteristics like reliability, efficiency, and agility in a freight partner are keys to the smooth ongoing of your operations.

Emons Cargo has all these and even more qualities! Are you ready to embrace innovation? Then Emons Cargo 2WIN is for you!

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Beyond the standards

Who doesn’t like smoothness? Unfortunately, achieving complete smoothness is not always possible. Little obstacles and hiccups are often just around the corner. The only way to make sure everything goes as easily as possible is to be constantly ready and have the agility to adapt and change as situations require. Here at Emons Cargo, we strive to improve efficiency and optimize operations by being agile and flexible. Being prepared with alternative solutions for any bump we might face is one of our many assets.

This is what puts us beyond standard solutions.

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Solutions at the Ready

Let’s say that the access to the docking bay at your warehouse is really steep. We have a solution.

Let’s say that the space between docks at your warehouse seems too narrow for a 2WIN. We have a solution.

Let’s say that, after docking, there is still uncovered space between the dock and the 2WIN roofs. We have a solution.

Let’s say that drivers are not allowed into your warehouse. You can still let our drivers carry out loading and unloading operations because guess what? We have a solution for that as well!

Drivers operations

Emons Cargo drivers are the only ones allowed to operate the tail lift and the EPT of our 2WIN trailers. This is because our equipment needs operators specifically trained to maneuver it efficiently and in observance of all the necessary safety measures.

What does this mean for a Warehouse Manager? It means you can be sure that operations are in the hands of professionals, that they will be carried off in the smoothest and safest possible way, and that, at the end of the day, you will save both manpower and costs.

Dirk working with the tail-lift

Safety First

Safety for employees and cargo is a top priority at Emons Cargo.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals carefully trained to comply with Health and Safety procedures. Any additional regulation specific to each of our customers’ and partners’ premises is promptly introduced in our driver training program.

We Understand your Doubts

We know that dealing with an alternative freight provider can feel like a risky choice. It is a fact that such a decision implies investing time and energy to be successfully integrated into the workflow of a warehouse. That is why a team of experts is ready to follow you in every single step to smooth obstacles, optimize and integrate our 2WIN service into your warehouse system.

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There’s nothing like seeing something with your own eyes.

Emons Cargo offers a free 2WIN Roadshow to present all the benefits of our service. If you want to experience first-hand the level of our quality, adherence to Health & Safety regulations, and our ability to solve issues, book a 2WIN Roadshow and prepare to be amazed!

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