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Move beyond the standard

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Are your freight flows a 2WIN fit?


Checklist 2WIN Fit:

You have:

  • A business or company
  • Border crossing freight flows
  • Full truck loads (FTL)
  • Pallets, roll cages or dollies
  • Unit height(s) between 130 cm and max. 180 cm (51”-71”)
  • A maximum weight per shipment of 21.5t (EU) (47399 lb)

Your benefits

Improve your business with powerful arguments like:

The lowest cost per pallet

Achieve cost leadership through the lowest price per pallet/unit

Maximum volume per trip

Move up to 53/54 euro pallets and 39/40 industrial pallets per trip

The most sustainable solution

Improve your carbon footprint by 40% less CO2 emission per trip

Endless technical innovation

Take advantage of customization and innovation for your operations

There is not always a match

The best 2WIN advantage is only for specific load dimensions. Compare the ideal 2WIN fit with a standard trailer.

Trailer in Emons fleet?

We only have specific 2WIN double deck trailers available. No standard trailers or double deck trailers.

Type of goods

In general 2WIN can load pallets, roll cages and dollies.

Height and width of units

You will achieve the most benefits with units between 130 cm and a max. of 180 cm high (51” and max 71”).

Amount of euro pallets (80×120)

Thanks to two decks, we transport 64% more euro pallet volume.

Amount of industrial pallets (100×120)

Thanks to two decks, we transport 50% more industrial pallet volume.

CO2 emission (kgs)

Each load of standard trailer over 61,5 km road emits 100 kg CO2, but with 2WIN your emission would only be 57 kg CO2.

Max. payload weight (FTL)

Our trailer can haul up to a maximum 21.5t in the EU (47399 lb).

Max. weight per pallet (euro)

Our max. payload weight per trip is 21.5t within the EU (47399 lb).

Max. weight per pallet (industrial)

Our max. payload weight per trip is 21.5t within the EU (47399 lb).

Available cubic space

Loading space is 93 m3, which is 11 m3 more than a standard trailer.

(Un)loading process

Our 2WIN drivers carry out the loading/unloading process by themselves.

Tail-lift delivery

Thanks to the tail-lift solution on our trailers we can easily unload at ground level.

Sustainabilty options

2WIN strives to be highly sustainable, by e.g. solar panels on top of trailers, boat tails on the side of the trailers, driver training and LNG trucks.

2WIN Double deck trailer
Yes, 150
Goods on pallets, roll cages and dollies
Unit height between 130 cm and max. 180 cm (51” and max 71”)
53 / 54
39 / 40
21.500 KG (47399 lb)
400 KG (882 lb)
535 KG (1179 lb)
Max. 93 m3
Done by 2WIN driver, incl. own EPT
LNG, solar panels, boat tails, other
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Standard trailer
No, 0
Various type of goods and sizes
Several dimensions (up to max. 260 cm / 8.5”)
33 / 34
24.500 KG (54013 lb)
720 KG (1587 lb)
925 KG (2039 lb)
Max. 86 m3
Mostly done by warehouse employee
On request

2WIN in practice

Afbeelding voor 2WIN in practice

Convinced? Start changing!

Do you think that we could be your alternative 2WIN? Start changing today and join Europe’s largest multi-customer double deck freight network!

Check your 2WIN fit

Getting the most out of it – analyze the lanes and check for a 2WIN fit!

Design and quote

Send us your potential lanes and shipment profile. We will start designing and engineering!

Optimize and adjust

We are in this together. We strive to make the most out of your supply chain. Even if it seems that there is not an immediate 2WIN fit, it could still be interesting to make use of our freight solution.

Test drive

Let us help you to improve your transport flows within Europe.
A test load is free of charge 🙂

Time 2WIN!

You are ready 2WIN!

A proven solution

Maximize your capacity and benefits per shipment on:


added pallets per load

Thanks to our second floor, you can add up to 20/21 e-pallets more than a standard trailer


less transport movements

Why drive more when you can transport the volume with fewer trips? It’s our 3=2 principle


less CO2 emissions

Transporting your products will immediately improve your carbon footprint

“Technological innovation is key when improving your carbon footprint. The 2WIN double deck solution is a great example of this. ”
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Emerce Business
“We put real efforts in reducing our impact on the planet. By using 2WIN, cost leadership and sustainability are perfectly merged. ”
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“We can fit 53/54 pallets into a 2WIN trailer, which positively affects the price per pallet compared to the standard 33 pallet solutions.”
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Edgewell Personal Care
“Your business deserves the best freight.” William Emons

Are you ready 2WIN?


Save our planet

Think in generations instead of quarters

Trusted by 80+ multinationals