More capacity
sustainable transport

The most sustainable freight solution

Two 2WIN trailers carry more pallets than three standard trailers. This principle is not only valid economically but also could be the most sustainable transport option for you. The environmental savings brought by the 2WIN trailer are evident. We will gladly calculate the volume of emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances reduced by using the 2WIN trailer for our (potential) customers.

sustainable transport

Our greener trailer

A 2WIN double deck trailer can move up to 64% more volume per trip in comparison to a standard trailer. In practice, this means that two of our 2WIN-trailers can replace three standard trailers. This directly translates into 39% fewer transport movements and up to 40% less CO2 emissions.

Sustainable actions

The Emons Cargo 2WIN has more than 80 years of excellence in providing effective, innovative and sustainable transport solutions. Our culture of sustainability can be seen in various initiatives and services.



Two 2WIN-trailers can replace three conventional standard 13,6 trailers. This directly translates to 40% less CO2 emissions

Eco-friendly building

Our headquarters are CO2 neutral thanks to sustainable materials, solar panels, triple glazing, geothermal energy and a 12m green plant wall

LNG fuel

The use of alternative fuel (LNG) means an extra 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and lower noise levels for the environment

Trees for all

For several clients, we are growing a forest to further offset our CO2 emissions. It expands with the number of kilometres we drive

Sustainability Report

We actively monitor our clients’ sustainability metrics and savings while using the 2WIN concept. Resulting in a sustainability report

Supply Chain Optimisation

We work very closely with our partners to analyse relevant data and create solutions to improve supply chain efficiency

Solar On Top

We make use of renewable energy through installed solar panels on top of several of our 2WIN trailers. The solar panels supply energy to the electrical equipment inside the trucks. For example the board computers, electronic pallet truck (EPT)s and mobile devices for road tax.

Download the Emons Cargo Whitepaper about sustainability

Sustainability report
solar panels sustainable transport
eco friendly transport

More sustainable supply chain

  • Transport management system for effective driving
  • Driver coaches for pro active driver training
  • A dedicated R&D department & QHSE manager
  • Route & data optimization
  • Tyre optimization programme with Michellin
  • Multimodal solutions like rail and unaccompanied shipping
  • Investigating alternate fuels and sources of energy
  • Sponsoring charity funds like Alpe d’huzes

“At Primark we are committed to reducing your business impact on the environment. The way that we transport our products and the size of our network means that we are constantly thinking of new ways to support our environmental strategy.”
Afbeelding van
“We enjoy working with Emons Cargo, because the 2WIN logistics solution is an excellent fit with our vision on sustainability. You can transport more pallets compared to a standard trailer, so you get a much higher level of efficiency.”
Afbeelding van
“We can fit exactly 54 into a 2WIN trailer, which positivly affects the price per pallet compared to the standard 33 pallet solutions.”
Afbeelding van
Edgewell Personal Care

Take the greener road